Holidays are coming in, little by little and I know you are excited too! I’m hoping to do lots of great and productive things these holidays – to spend lots of fun time with the people I love and my family.

I’m sure the same goes for you! So, before anything..

Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Got to love Christmas!

Of all seasons, we have to admit Christmas is the best. Other than doubled pay checks, the gifts, the fancy parties and the family gathering – Christmas is full of meaning and surprises.

We just got to love it! It’s probably the reason why Christmas is full of joyful songs, such as those played by the clarinet instrument and guitars!

I just love Christmas so much, I bet you do too! Except maybe..for the Grinch and the Grumpy cat?


Ue-sama is my youngest pet cat (well, kitten). I named him after Noragami‘s Ue-sama whom Yato went looking for in one of the episodes. I guess at the time that he came around was the same time I finished watching Noragami. Anyway, he was sick last Friday up to Sunday but I’m glad he’s okay now.

Ue-sama with Christian while watching anime, fufufu, so cute!

Ue-sama with Christian while watching anime, fufufu, so cute!

This kind of inspires me to have a pet blog. I’ve had a few attempts before…maybe I can try again? I’d love to post cat pictures! I wish I had a better camera though.

Oreo Cheesecake

Since we got a new oven, I’ve been wanting to try out some baking. I don’t want to dive yet into that big chocolate cake recipe (and I have also forgotten how to bake cakes) so I was thinking of trying out Oreo Cheesecakes for now.

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Cheesecake {http://allrecipes.com/}

I already listed down in my mind and on the paper the stuff we need for this little yummy. However, still need funds xD I know baking is a bit costly (even the clay to bake is costly) so it’s going to take some time and preparation. Then, I also want to try the cheesecake with normal cookies! Hope so, soon.