Loads of post coming through soon~!

Just about two weeks ago,  I decided to organize photos on my phone and also some on my Mac. Tons of food pictures have been waiting so long to be uploaded!

I know, I’m so lazy like that err. But anyway I hope I get to post them all soon. I’ve already created a photo album in my flickr and maybe will integrate it later here in case I’m too lazy to blog. Heh~!

That’s for now~

Tokyo Tokyo PH’s Sakura Sumo Meal

Howdy guys! It’s been a month since my last update, as usual with me, kek. Anyway, anything my most recent favorite food adventure was trying out Tokyo Tokyo’s newest meal, the Sakura Sumo Meal which is a special meal made in time for the blooming of cherry blossoms (a.k.a Sakura flowers) in Japan. Since I am a fan of mostly anything about stuff in Japan, it was a must for me to try it! Thanks to my very special sponsor (you probably can take a guess who this is! *blushes*)

Miku approves!

Miku approves!

Well, what can I say ~ Miku approves!!! Alrighty!

Overall I really liked it especially the drinks and their special/Tokyo Tokyo’s apparently special chicken (as I read). We got the smaller meal one though, the bigger one is said to have some chips (according to what boyfriend asked). He was at first skeptic, because he thought it was pricey but he didn’t know back then it was for two already plus, the meal comes with unlimited rice.

Needless to say, we were both so full after eating! I even joked that maybe it’s called “Sakura Sumo Meal” because that was what Sumo Wrestlers ate. The meal was also filled with vegetables you’d really love along with your tempura.

Thanks to Tokyo Tokyo for bringing that Cherry Blossom feeling!

Ps. to see more of Miku’s shots at Tokyo Tokyo (they’re just a few but..) they’ll be available in Nendomeow soon (still haven’t uploaded my exported raw pictures, I know, lazyyyy and also busy)

Sushi attack!

We’re all for food.

Sushi, gimme! (c) Nendomeow

Sushi, gimme! (c) Nendomeow

Yes, I celebrated my 24th birthday with a bunch of sushis. And yes, I celebrated my birthday with food. Hehe, most of us do anyway. Also, I’m sorry for not updating lately despite my love for food. I just really want to get off the internet most of the times.

Hey, Happy 2016!

Hey hey hey! It’s new year. 2015 isn’t really much for me, I prefer staying back at 2013. I know, it’s childish and at this point of my life I’m even more clueless in life. I hope I manage to make up my mind in time. For now, cheers to a new year!

This year is also the year of the monkey ~ my birth year. However, it’s apparently not guaranteed that luck is high even if it’s your birth animal on the same year of the current year. Not that I even cared about luck and bad luck anyway. Oh well. I just hope something actually good happens.