Something sweet!

It’s really rainy and I’m craving for sweets. How I wish I can go out and get some sweet cupcakes or cakes.



I miss those weekends when me and mom go on a date at Starbucks. Their cakes are really yummy and relaxing! I guess I’m just a bit stressed or I just miss people around me or so. I’m usually just at home and alone, sad, but that’s life! I do enjoy the silence sometimes plus I am able to do what I want all day (ie. sleep, get crafty and so on!) I just really want something sweet for a happy Friday though.

Cookie is love!

I remember, I bought a domain name, Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep it. I had tons of ideas for it, but well. I wonder if I can push it through with using this one?

That said, I really love cookies you know! Which is why I got it..

Cookie Love

Cookie Love

Hot hot hot August

Back in the day, when August came, it meant heavy rains and cold weather.

Nowadays however, it’s so hot! Don’t you agree?

Summer is never over, even in August

Summer is never over, even in August

It’s as if summer never ended!

Thus, the need to go outdoors is real and a must. How I wish our wallets would let us do that all the time though.

So much to do, so little time

While I was given 2 weeks before I start my freelance work. I feel like I still have very few time to do all the things I want. Already, my 3 days have passed without me being able to do what I want well, it’s somehow what I want but just sort of I guess.

Sigh, well, that’s life! I better plan carefully now, at least, even after that two weeks, I only have to work half the day :) Here’s to being productive in the next few days after my training!