Eatigo & Banh Mi!

Guys, something awesome happened last Saturday! I got to try Banh Mi for the first time and got to try Eatigo for the first time as well.



For those of you who are uninformed (like I was) eatigo is a service (I’ve only tested mobile) that lets you reserve at restaurants and etc – sometimes with awesome discounts as much as 50%!

I first heard about it in a Facebook video (that I wish I can recall where, I’m really trying hard to recall what video was that). At the time I was hoping we had something here in Philippines – little did I know, because it’s been here for awhile.

So, as soon as I did learn that I decided to give it a try and because I’ve been craving for Banh Mi for awhile now (blame those Buzzfeed challenge/taste tests videos!) I made a reservation at Banh Mi Kitchen at SM Megamall last September 2, 2017 that I booked for September 9, 2017 (because Mr. Q had so many other appointments, pfft!)

Anyway, we arrived there 30 mins earlier – but since it’s not peak time, not much people were around. I went on ahead to the counter and said I reserved through eatigo. Just like that, and the staff asked me my name and also looked at my screenshot of my reservation.

On Banh Mi Kitchen’s food:

Bánh mì is the Vietnamese word for bread. Bread, or more specifically the baguette, was introduced by the French during the colonial period in Vietnam. (wikipedia)

It was so delicious, not to mention (but mentioning, lol) that it’s healthy. If you get to reserve the with eatigo plus get the 50% discount, it’s a win-win because the bread is double the size of your regular sandwich and the fillings (I chose the one with crab sticks) were a lot!

Needless to say, we were able to stay energetic and full until the evening without getting extra snacks like we usually do.

Unfortunately because I was already too hungry (and was so excited) I ate it all and was only able to take this picture with my nendo Shiro >w<

Nendoroid Shiro & Banh Mi...tears of happiness?!

Nendoroid Shiro & Banh Mi…tears of happiness?!

I say to Banh Mi and eatigo

“Where have you been all my life?!!!…”

So until my next reservation with eatigo! I’ll share it on a post again here :)

Farewell, Photobucket

As you all probably have heard already, Photobucket , a long time free web host for photos  (we’re talking about a century maybe?) has decided to go not free anymore especially for third party websites (meaning, those who are in separate domain from their website such as this blog)

So, all my photos that I have hosted there, that I have included in my posts here will get their placeholder image instead. That said, as much as I’d like to I don’t have the energy and time to host said photos here (plus it will probably eat up my disk space)

I’ll primarily use Flickr but just to be safe, you’ve been warned, some of the photos here won’t be displaying correctly – I’m not going to do anything about them now and move forward.

Sushi Bazooka

So, we bought off a Sushi Bazooka from Shopee last week and tried it as soon as it arrived last Saturday. Needless to say, we approve!

Used Sushi Bazooka

Used Sushi Bazooka

Above are some of the sushis we were able to make! Yum! <3 We also tried making kimbap because we had bought gimbap as well.

Where to find Sushi Bazooka in the Philippines?

I’m not sure if the ones we bought are original (probably not) but it works. At Shopee, you can find these just type in Sushi Bazooka or maybe Lazada. Honestly, had I known about it earlier I’d bought earlier. I just saw a video of it being used in Facebook (thanks to that video, now we can have sushis all day, literally)