Hungry and awake!

Tonight, err, today (since it’s already 12:07 am now) I decided to just get up and do what I am unable to due to my bad sleeping schedule – after all, being on my Mac also brings back my drowsiness’ existence.

I just kind of wish I could eat something though, however, it’s a no-no to binge on midnight snack right? It’s so hard to not to be hungry when I also feel sort of sick and wanting some hot porridge. Sigh!

Oh well, just gotta leave with it and just dream of it for now.

First post of the year~!

Hello hello hello! It’s finally 2017! I know, I missed the whole January. Part of it is because I’ve been trying not to eat too much (yep, diet again and again!)

It’s slightly working and in no time I hope I can finally say my goodbyes to rice! Heh. It’s just hard when you’re staying with someone who always bring home yummy food or cook food.

I’ve also learned to finally cook! Yay me? Well, at least. For now, I’ll be leaving with an advance Happy V-day greetings to you guys, and maybe post later in some cool places you might want to check with your dates this V-day.

Clash of Burgers

Sometime last two weeks ago, we finally decided to try Clash of Burgers, after finding out about their Pasig Branch. The line was really long since it’s been tempting a lot of audience after the many pictures shared in Facebook. We had to wait for a bit but fortunately it wasn’t too long (I’d say about almost an hour) but all that wait is definitely worth it!

Clash of Clans

Clash of Burgers

As you can see the burger is really something! I’d say it’s good for four people (we were 2…times 2!) The milkshake was also very good!

The food is really great, and so far I think what they need to improve is only the space because it’s a bit hard to move and customers tend to pile up especially during peak hours (dinner & merienda time!)

They don’t open in the morning as well, I’m not sure of the opening time but it’d be really great if they opened around 8 am or so (it’d be a nice big breakfast!)

Overall though, I was really satisfied especially for the price as it was affordable and worth it!

For those who want to try here is their address:

21 Dr. Pilapil Street, Kapasigan
Pasig, Philippines
You can also find more information at their Facebook Page: Clash of Burgers (Pasig Branch)

More Matcha in my life

At a point in my life I think I have realized my life for green tea. Lately though, I don’t feel like it but I remember this good green tea cookie I had some time ago (sadly forgot the brand name lol, it’s at the end of my tongue)

Green tea cookies <3

Green tea cookies <3

Photo was taken last March. Yeah I know, I post so slow photos lose their hype! I really love that soy milk though. Well, that’s that for today.