Homemade Tiramisu!

Home made tiramisu is the best. I mean, it’s made with your own effort which is why it makes it more sweeter than the usual. Don’t you think?

We made about 5 renditions of our own ‘tiramisu’ although ours were mixed with mangoes, APPLES, orea, chocolate biscuits of two types, kiwi.

I’ve only tasted one though so I am excited to try the other ones!

Here’s to never growing up

I turned a year older last Sunday, although, it didn’t really feel anything special or spectacular for that matter. I guess the old saying goes..

Just as how my height stays. Just kidding! Maybe, I’ll be more mature and not buy toys anymore..who knows? Or maybe I’ll get married? (nah, no way, not yet at least) What do you think?

It’s alive!

I think so. I just renewed this domain although Godaddy said it failed to renew it. Weird. It gives me the jitters. But I hope it’s fine since I can access it now. Was three days late delayed with the renewal because we didn’t go out to the mall last 5 days ago when we had this other long vacation due to the Pope coming to PH.

So, what now? I think, I’ll still post about food here. It’s a dessert website anyway :P Kyaa! Oh I hope it’s really renewed for good!


Holidays are coming in, little by little and I know you are excited too! I’m hoping to do lots of great and productive things these holidays – to spend lots of fun time with the people I love and my family.

I’m sure the same goes for you! So, before anything..

Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!