More Matcha in my life

At a point in my life I think I have realized my life for green tea. Lately though, I don’t feel like it but I remember this good green tea cookie I had some time ago (sadly forgot the brand name lol, it’s at the end of my tongue)

Green tea cookies <3

Green tea cookies <3

Photo was taken last March. Yeah I know, I post so slow photos lose their hype! I really love that soy milk though. Well, that’s that for today.

Meiji: Matcha Flavor!

Meiji never fails to make your day bright on a stressful day. This reminds me, of that yummy cookies of theirs I had before. Now kept in a photo forever, I wish I can make it mine once again!


Meiji Matcha Green Tea Flavour

Meiji Matcha Green Tea Flavour

I got this in Thailand during my stay there, maybe there’s also some in PH but it’s probably harder to find, and much more expensive! Sad life.

I need to post, but my brain tells me..

To stay awake during wee hours and to fall asleep on day time. I hate it so much >o< Today, I might be able to fix it thought as I plan to stay awake til I can or at least afternoon (then I’ll sleep til morning rightfully!) I wasn’t able to do it in the last couple of days when I planned to because no one was there to keep me awake I’d lay down for a few and think, and then sleep. Sigh! Anyway, surely I’ll be able to do it after some time! Try and try!

Loads of post coming through soon~!

Just about two weeks ago,  I decided to organize photos on my phone and also some on my Mac. Tons of food pictures have been waiting so long to be uploaded!

I know, I’m so lazy like that err. But anyway I hope I get to post them all soon. I’ve already created a photo album in my flickr and maybe will integrate it later here in case I’m too lazy to blog. Heh~!

That’s for now~