Lovely Dinner

What could be more great than a lovely dinner tonight??

Dinner time!

Dinner time!

But of course, dinner is best with your family or love one. It’s that time to replenish from the looong day of work. This is why Fridays are loved – their dinner nights are a blast!

It can even be better with the perfect table cloth, so checking out the tablecloths wholesale is quite a good idea for those who are planning one big one with the whole gang or the whole family! Have a lovely dinner :)

Is it bad that I’m tired?

I wanted to get home earlier because I had tons of online errands so I asked ‘someone’ that we go home earlier. He however makes me feel that I’m bad because I didn’t wait long enough so he could get a hair cut.

Really, is it bad that I want to go home already? So often, I wish I could just go home on my own.

I don’t understand what I’ve done that every little thing I say is always awfully bad for his ears.

Sometimes, I’d like to shut down since he doesn’t understand me. Sometimes..

Homemade Tiramisu!

Home made tiramisu is the best. I mean, it’s made with your own effort which is why it makes it more sweeter than the usual. Don’t you think?

We made about 5 renditions of our own ‘tiramisu’ although ours were mixed with mangoes, APPLES, orea, chocolate biscuits of two types, kiwi.

I’ve only tasted one though so I am excited to try the other ones!

Here’s to never growing up

I turned a year older last Sunday, although, it didn’t really feel anything special or spectacular for that matter. I guess the old saying goes..

Just as how my height stays. Just kidding! Maybe, I’ll be more mature and not buy toys anymore..who knows? Or maybe I’ll get married? (nah, no way, not yet at least) What do you think?