Music to calm myself

I feel so upset right now. No internet, annoying chat messages, and then this, it’s all so quiet. Maybe I should put on some music to calm myself.

This reminds me heavily of If I had some, I’d be peacefully living my days without worries, with internet or not, with many annoying chats or not.

Well, whatever can I say? Just have to deal with this for now, this shall pass.

Sushi Bazooka

So, we bought off a Sushi Bazooka from Shopee last week and tried it as soon as it arrived last Saturday. Needless to say, we approve!

Used Sushi Bazooka

Used Sushi Bazooka

Above are some of the sushis we were able to make! Yum! <3 We also tried making kimbap because we had bought gimbap as well.

Where to find Sushi Bazooka in the Philippines?

I’m not sure if the ones we bought are original (probably not) but it works. At Shopee, you can find these just type in Sushi Bazooka or maybe Lazada. Honestly, had I known about it earlier I’d bought earlier. I just saw a video of it being used in Facebook (thanks to that video, now we can have sushis all day, literally)

Amplify happiness

On some days, I refuse to really do anything – I become too emotional and all, but on some days I choose to be happy. Often, I forget to blog about these happy days since I always choose to enjoy the moments rather than to write about them – that, or I’m just really into blogging anymore! LOL.

That said, wouldn’t it be cool if you had something like vox amps at that can help amplify happy thoughts? You bet it would be! Now if only there was something like that…for now, it’s something I must say is ideal for your good music.


They call staying at home stay-cation during vacation days – recently, on Holy Week, everyone’s been busy being out and all but we stayed at home. I feel like we had what we can call as food-cation although the food wasn’t really that anything, we just had a bunch of fast food and some little cooking! I must say it was fun, but next year I hope we can go out somewhere.

Would be good for a food-cation. Picture from

Would be good for a food-cation. Picture from