One thing I’d really like to do at home is to de-clutter and organize my stuff.

However, most of the time I am not able to do so because I…have way too many stuff I can’t get rid of. Call me sentimental or call me a hoarder but I just can’t sell things I’ve yearned to collect and stuff that were given to me by special people. Aren’t you the same?

Looking at inspires me though. So maybe, I’ll get to moving somehow.

Wonderful Ornaments at Home

I recently went on window shopping online for home utilities. That’s not so me isn’t it! But anyway, I saw really good finds and I wonder if it’s possible to have at home.

For one is this beautiful garden fountains online because they are very lovely! It feels like having a special part of your home that you can have peace at and relax. So much more if it was in a garden. Maybe I’ll just make this as plans for my future home.