Preparing wedding invitations

When I think about weddings, I think, I don’t think I want one that’s too extravagant. I mean, it’s really nice and all and it must be pretty and dreamy but all that preparing is just exhausting. Maybe, in the future I’d prefer to hire someone to do that for me XD

However, I’d like to make sure I’m the one who will choose the materials I’d like to be used – in particular, Burlap Drapes and Curtains are really awesome. So I’ll probably get those.

I want to save :)

I’ve been spending too much ever since March started! I think, first of all, spending too much on cellphone load because I registered to BBMAX for globe (because it expired before my birthday and nobody sponsored me huhu, thanks ate Lhyzette though, she commented she could have given that to me ?) It was on my wish list :|

My Yakult Coin Bank!

My Yakult Coin Bank!

So, I plan to save up! I also received a great blessing this week. Hmm, I need to keep myself away from virtual shopping for mobile stuffs. However, my room (if it’s that what I should call it, but I can’t call it that yet now :c) is still a mess. Thus, I can’t organize my coin banks. I have 7! I used to have 8. Most of them are like the one above, in different colors and different face expressions. I got them from Daiso whenever it’s my payday I go there. Haha. Oh well, I hope I manage to save, like before when I saved up for all my gadgets because I want a new gadget *w*

Ideas for Christmas Gifts!

Christmas is approaching, really soon! You see, December has just started. Well, aren’t you excited? It’s that Christmas feeling everywhere!

Speaking of Christmas, it means we need to go shopping for Christmas gifts now – the earlier the better (because rushing is really hard) so have you got any ideas already?

I did see this stainless steel necklace that looks really nice! It can fit ‘rock on’ outfits! Haha, right? I used to wear such necklaces too, then I broke it (it was from someone special </3)

Needless to say, prepare for the Christmas shopping war! :P