Car Accessories and more

When I look back, I always wonder why my dad loved buying car accessories and more for our Revo. I actually didn’t like that, it seemed to me he wanted to spend more for that than us but later I realized – it’s actually for us as well.

The thing is, if you take care of your car or any vehicle – very well, it means it can last up to many years. So today, even after more than ten years our Revo is still alive and kicking. It’s not good as new but at least it’s still working properly.

This led me to thinking, that maybe getting a bendpak v rotary is quite a good idea.

Late Christmas Gift Shopping

They say it’s better late than never so it doesn’t really bother me when I get gifts after Christmas. It actually means the person still tried his or her best despite the troubles there may had been, just to be able to give you something.

This is why, when someone asked me if best behringer effect at Musicians Friend was great as a post-Christmas gift, I told her it was very cool. She’s looking for a gift for her cousin who happens to be a guitarist.

It’s never too late because in the end, what matters is that your efforts were truly made just to make someone feel happy!

Speed up to Christmas

If I can control time, I would fast forward to next week’s Friday so I could go home early. I plan to drop by at the mall to shop for gifts. Heehee, I’m so excited! Aren’t you?

I’ve been checking traktor controld s2 which also seems great as a gift for some people dear to me who loves music. Whatcha think? Anyway, sorry for the long time of no post. I have a ton of to-posts here as I’ve mentioned in my earlier post before but just haven’t gotten the time to do. Oh well, Advance Merry Christmas days.