They call staying at home stay-cation during vacation days – recently, on Holy Week, everyone’s been busy being out and all but we stayed at home. I feel like we had what we can call as food-cation although the food wasn’t really that anything, we just had a bunch of fast food and some little cooking! I must say it was fun, but next year I hope we can go out somewhere.

Would be good for a food-cation. Picture from

Would be good for a food-cation. Picture from

Hungry and awake!

Tonight, err, today (since it’s already 12:07 am now) I decided to just get up and do what I am unable to due to my bad sleeping schedule – after all, being on my Mac also brings back my drowsiness’ existence.

I just kind of wish I could eat something though, however, it’s a no-no to binge on midnight snack right? It’s so hard to not to be hungry when I also feel sort of sick and wanting some hot porridge. Sigh!

Oh well, just gotta leave with it and just dream of it for now.

First post of the year~!

Hello hello hello! It’s finally 2017! I know, I missed the whole January. Part of it is because I’ve been trying not to eat too much (yep, diet again and again!)

It’s slightly working and in no time I hope I can finally say my goodbyes to rice! Heh. It’s just hard when you’re staying with someone who always bring home yummy food or cook food.

I’ve also learned to finally cook! Yay me? Well, at least. For now, I’ll be leaving with an advance Happy V-day greetings to you guys, and maybe post later in some cool places you might want to check with your dates this V-day.