Yay backups!

We have our backups from the old server! Yay!

However, I’m not sure if I should return that or just move on. Although I got the copy of my back up now. When I checked I didn’t really miss that much of post except for the comments and photos. Since I only had about 3 latest comments, I was thinking of just copying them over because importing the wp-comments.sql wasn’t effective – it occurred to me that my posts already had new page ids and so, the comments are unassigned!

Good news is, I also have my ┬ádaily backups setup now, as well as the monthly one. The weekly one isn’t so sure yet. Bad news is one of my servers (resellers) have issues with my VPS where I store my back ups that I might end up buying another one. It kind of sucks. Well, another bad news is today, Saturday, I slept the whole day instead of doing productive things. Tsk. I know, I know, that’s bad! However, I think it’s also good because I haven’t been sleeping properly and only get 8 hours of sleep during weekends. Why not spend it to get back all that lost hours of sleep, no?

Christmas Vacation!

My hosting website has been down for almost two days already thus, affecting all my websites.

Epic Fail

I didn’t have a backup of CookiesnCream out of all my websites (and also a co.cc website) I forgot to make one. Thus as you can see here, I have to start from scratch. From the deepest scratch.I still have my Domokun layout which I used before stored in my laptop but I’m planning to make a new laptop and just give that one for downloads/freebies.

I am very upset :| This is my photoblog and there were lots and lots of pictures. I wonder if I’ll still be able to retreive them, I wonder if our server will ever be back up. We were informed the owner left and is nowhere to be found. And you know what? That’s just SHIT.

I hope I’ll get backups for my clients, and for this site :( The stuff I posted here are pretty memorable to me that’s why I posted them in the first place. This was also the most active blog I had compared to others lately =(

When my hosting is back, I’ll just change the ns again. I need to do this one post right now. Chao :( Hoping for the best, that my Christmas vacation will still be great despite all the problems.