In a few

Guess what’s coming up? Payday! No, just kidding. But there is something coming up. Although I don’t really want to announce what that is since I don’t expect much on that day, even the celebration. There’s just this inkling hope that it will be somehow special despite everyone’s busy schedule. I want to know who actually remembers that day since, my last year celebration of it weren’t as unforgettable as I want it to be although they were more a bit extravagant.


21. {src}

So in a few, guess what? Ah, nothing much anyway. I don’t know how to feel on that “what day” either. Sigh.

Mom’s Birthday tomorrow!

Happy Mom’s day! Because it’s my mom’s birthday. She turns a year old tomorrow and I heard we’ll be dropping by the ruins here in Thailand. I don’t really know what it’s called but I hear that it’s really nice there.


Well, I hope she’ll have a happy birthday and that we’ll have fun despite my annoying colds that seemed to get worse. Huhu. Oh well, let’s just wish for the best ;)

My 20th Birthday Wishlist

Am I still in the place to make this wish list? Haha! I hope so. I’m turning 20teen! Looking back I just wanted to be fourteen so bad. Now, I want to be fourteen again! Haha seriously. But in all these years, I’m thanking God for all the wonderful people I’ve met and the wonderful – tragic – great memories.

I still have a wish list though, and hopefully, my fairies, angels, god mothers, god fathers and parents will make it come true. Hohoho. But I seriously just want to make a list, maybe, as a goal for me  too for the things I will save for this 20teenth year of my life.

1. BBMAX Subscription

It’s what I really need right now. Haha. Because our internet is not here with me. I always have to spend 50 PHP/day because of that and use adhoc on my laptop or use Lime as my router (it’s killing my phone battery *n*) I find it useful when I’m out too, especially because I frequently need to answer some emails and also check my websites.

2. Portable Wifi or a 12 mbps broadband or any other broadband! Haha.

I’ve got the same reason as above :P And well, I want to experience all these gadgets and cellular networks! Haha, you know me :P

3. Kawaii Stuffs esp. Rilakumma, Hello Kitty and Cats/Paris designed stuff

This is self explanatory. I really love collecting notebooks, pens, stationery and anything cute! I also love stuff toys :P Small to big! Hoho!

4. Cellphone bags, cellphone/itouch casing, headset, iPod stylus pen, cell charms

I love love love gadget accessories as much as I love my gadgets. So, having them are one of my happiness too!

5. Drawings and Letters

Because I missed receiving some :) It doesn’t have to be a love letter from ze boyf, I want happy birthday letters! Haha!

6. To be with the people I love on my birthday.

It’s my first time to invite friends over after a VERY long time, I just hope they’ll all go. Aside from that, I wish to be with my relatives, and of course my mom and DAD.. I will be so much happy for that :)

And, I forgot! Haha. I’ll just put the others for my graduation wish list! Mwahaha. Just 2 days more, I’m no more a 19teen year old.