Gadget Names ?

Lately I’ve been naming my gadgets – My Nokia X5, I named it “Strawberry”. Then for my  Samsung Mini, I named it “Lime” for the reason that it has a slight Lime color of it plus it’s an Android phone which kinda of reminds me of “Lime” in Saber Marionette anime. As for my other gadgets, they are unnamed. I know, foolish me. I always love getting domain names getting them cute words – but how about ze gadgets, right?

So, what to name you?

So I remembered about my camera. I think it’s needs a new casing too, I checked out some of these good camera cases and they’re pretty neat. My camera hasn’t been used often lately since all my phones have good quality cameras. Now it feels lonely I think :S. This blog, was filled with its artwork, its photography but now, not anymore. I don’t take much pictures anymore nor do Photoshop magics y’know. I got so many distractions and busy-ness lol. But maybe when I graduate. Yet my mom is telling me she’s going to make me take masters as soon as I graduate, as much as I’d love to, I want to break away from studying and studying and studying. REALLY.

Anyway, nuff about those things! What shall I name my camera? It’s been 2 years now with me I believe :) Or maybe a year, not quite sure. Okay, I think,  a year! And even if there are new models now I so love its quality. But poor me doesn’t know what to name it. Maybe I’ll get to think of something better later. I need to sleep first :))


Toolazytoputwaturmark. Di ako adik kay DOMO ok? HINDI!

ang cute nia lang kasi talaga!!!!

ang cute nia lang kasi talga!!!x)

See? Haha, I finally found out where to buy domokun stuff! Hoorayy! But now I’m out of cash :P Pshh. At the first picture, my gift for my bestfriend Grace and my ‘nak Jean is included. Harrr. I wish I went over that shop first. Fail. Oh well, hey! Expect more hq pics. Finally got a camera!!!

The cammerraaaa!

TADAAAA!!! I want a project 365! But not in the mood. Tsk3. Will make a new post in LP.

This post is made especially for Jean. Haha look at the Domokuns!!!!