The Sooper Late Updates!

Huff. Been busy catching up with my ugly schedule for school. Imagine, we go home at 9pm, at all days except on Saturdays when our classes end at 7:30 PM (well, almost 8pm) and Sundays (the only day we don’t have classes)

It’s tiring, VERY tiring. Even though I could wake up in the afternoon. I lost my body clock organization again just when I had it fixed last semester break. Grrr. Oh well.

The updates!

On Nov. 6, I prepared a super mini birthday for Mr. Quail Egg

Christian turned NINETEEN, he is getting old. And we had a fun birthday bash for him :) Despite the arguments and the unplanned plan. Hoho.

I got happy hats from MustHaveOnline Items from Facebook, and I love them so muchhh!<3

I got them 100 PHP each, they usually cost more but there was a sale and luckily I have bucks $_$ OHH YEAH!


I'm making clay cuties again <3

This time, I think I’ll open my online shop seriously, I found cell charm lariats!:)

And there you have it<3

Cuteness Adventure


Another set of cuteness from Knickknaxx. I also sent Happii one Popobe Cell Charm. I also got another package from Tres EJ! I had a cute freebie from them as stated here! I’m just waiting for Monday to have Gcash for the stuff I still have to pay for @ Tres EJ, yeah! I saw one of their PsP sleeve were for sale, and that was the one I’ve been eyeing even before I didn’t have PsP! Haha plus a set of new headsets with round ear shingshing. I can’t wait <3 And then, this’ll be the last time. February will be the month of savings :) I want to buy that…so I will save!