New layout!

I felt like doing my layout for this blog. And so here it is :)

Kiyaaaa! And you’re seeing it live :) I coded from scratch and used my usual comments.php. I also added CSS effects that looks like they’re jquery lol ~ But some does not work in other browsers. I hope you’re using Google Chrome. Tsk3.

I didn’t feel motivated to do articles and so I made a layout. Reminds me, I remember my cousin asking for some html help but I haven’t heard from her D: D: And tomorrow’s their submission. Bummer, I didn’t help T3T

Anyway, I hope the layout is perfect in other resolutions. I have checked in but I know there are other resolutions of computers, laptops and netbooks out there so you won’t see as how I see it.

Mostly, I hope you see the picture effect! RAWR <3 It’s my favorite. The scale thingy using CSS. Mouse over.

It replaces my lightbox effect because I don’t know, ever since I changed my layout to a downloaded one the lightbox plugin is useless XD

Later will be a busy day cuz I’ll be back to writing articles and tomorrow will be another day for another theme (I have like 10+ websites to make layouts for) and I feel like changing Rainbowdoll’s layout a little bit. Just really lazy these days and out of inspiration.

Another favorite part in this theme is that I drew the cookie and milk. It should have been cream lol~

Toodlez! My hands are sore. From typing. TYPING AND TYPING and Christian fell asleep lol :(


Who's that girl???

Obviously, that’s me. Weeeell. It’s finally March! I’m turning 19 this 15th. Time pass by so quickly. Oh and you must be surprised I blogged today. It’s 3:45 am and I haven’t slept yet I blogged here. I just suddenly remembered about this blog when I mentioned about it to Christian.

This blog used to be my updated blog last June to October. I just neglected it recently due to busy-ness and all. Now I feel like a meanie for not updating it often as I used to and also because of thinking of selling it. LOL. If I will sell it though (and you’re interested) it will be for about $40-$60 (any takers? lol) since it’s a very unique domain and it has pr 2.

But I asked Christian because maybe he can help me, I doubt though. Yet I’m hoping he will update me these BLOGSSSSSS because I can’t handle them anymore, plus the school errands. Hay T_T

The Sooper Late Updates!

Huff. Been busy catching up with my ugly schedule for school. Imagine, we go home at 9pm, at all days except on Saturdays when our classes end at 7:30 PM (well, almost 8pm) and Sundays (the only day we don’t have classes)

It’s tiring, VERY tiring. Even though I could wake up in the afternoon. I lost my body clock organization again just when I had it fixed last semester break. Grrr. Oh well.

The updates!

On Nov. 6, I prepared a super mini birthday for Mr. Quail Egg

Christian turned NINETEEN, he is getting old. And we had a fun birthday bash for him :) Despite the arguments and the unplanned plan. Hoho.

I got happy hats from MustHaveOnline Items from Facebook, and I love them so muchhh!<3

I got them 100 PHP each, they usually cost more but there was a sale and luckily I have bucks $_$ OHH YEAH!


I'm making clay cuties again <3

This time, I think I’ll open my online shop seriously, I found cell charm lariats!:)

And there you have it<3