Next up: New Year!

Christmas day finally came! I’ve been looking forward for it and it was indeed a good day. Other than the gifts I was able to sleep properly and also get some time to be with my parents and my boyfriend.

Played on a solo saxophone..

Played on a solo saxophone..

Some are also still shopping for gifts, like my friend who’s been eyeing the saxophone strap at wwbw for sometime now. I guess it’s not too late to go on a Christmas spree! And yes, New Year is up next!

Christmas time soon!

Hohoho! Can you feel the Christmas air? Anyway, I’m thinking of making back posts but I’m also thinking I should just schedule them. I haven’t updated in over almost a month and I feel really bad, the pictures for this blog I wanted to use have stacked up so much it makes me lazy to post them already plus, I already forgot how I wanted to review them. Huhu.

Behold, our first ever Christmas tree at home of my 22 years living on Earth!

Behold, our first ever Christmas tree at home of my 22 years living on Earth!

This coming new year, I vow to never be lazy again when doing my food reviews and other blog thingies. Hopefully! It’s always hard because I always end up with lack of sleep.

So meanwhile, I’ve upgraded my WordPress and…I’ll be back again in a bit to schedule posts or back post! See ya around! Advanced Merry Days!

Speed up to Christmas

If I can control time, I would fast forward to next week’s Friday so I could go home early. I plan to drop by at the mall to shop for gifts. Heehee, I’m so excited! Aren’t you?

I’ve been checking traktor controld s2 which also seems great as a gift for some people dear to me who loves music. Whatcha think? Anyway, sorry for the long time of no post. I have a ton of to-posts here as I’ve mentioned in my earlier post before but just haven’t gotten the time to do. Oh well, Advance Merry Christmas days.