HOWWWWWYEAH. I just renewed this domain, for $8.17. I should have transferred I think there’s a price hike because in Namepros forum, I read that they raised the price for .coms, or so probably the same would go with other extensions. My biggest problem however is my current registrar, because of the SOPA thing. Ugh. Whatevs.

Something to Reflect on.

Something to Reflect on.

Anyway, this hit me hard. I really needed it. Wouldn’t you, agree? Life has been pretty..I don’t know, tiring. I quit to easily lately, or let just things their way they have too. I don’t know, something’s missing. Really!

Anyway, aside my crap, and the renewal thing. Tomorrow, Cookiesncream turns 2 years old. Amazing!

Hooray, a new layout :3

DOMOKUN! I was working on it yesterday, it popped out my mind when I was at the mall. I kinda missed DOMOKUN, I haven’t been buying DOMOKUN stuff.

I could have finished it earlier but my laptop was kinda crappy. The charger seems to be broken, thank God I was able to find a way to make it work for the mean time. Also, I noticed something. I CAN’T SEE COOKIESNCREAM IN MY OH-RAINBOW HOSTING WHM. And I really don’t know why. Hence it is hosted by me, but not listed as hosted by me. YEAH. WEIRD!!!!!! So, there you go. I hope it looks okay in your computers as it looks at mine. Hoooray DOMO!

*Note: I’m not claiming DOMO as mine and all copyrights belong to DOMO’s creator. You rock! Whoever you are.

And now I will rest :) I’ll make cookie emoticons next! But that’s soon. I’m too tired z_z