Cupcake Day

Last Sunday, my best friend and her boy friend came over because me and her planned to create one of those panda cupcakes we saw. It’s typically a cupcake designed to look like a panda with the help of oreos.

We simply cooked boiled icing, bought candies (NIPS), Kitkat and bought cupcakes (Dreamcakes and Happy Cakes). I bought HIRO instead of Oreo since they’re of the same purpose anyway. These were really sweet :-S And I bought so much up to now I have lots of cupcakes and candies stored in our food storage. Heehee. But it was fun creating them! We gave some to my grandma who just had her birthday this Monday.

Pin it!

A candidate for a new addiction x)

I bought like 10 Spongebob Pins awhile ago :P Christian got the other ones then I had the ones here. The cupcake pins on the other hand were some of the stuff I got online about months ago, I was so dazzled of their cuteness! The blue one is from sis Tikk K’s friend. I actually had three of those (A Smiley, and another couple pin but Christian lost the couple pin and the Smiley is still on his bag.) I have a feeling this will be one of my addictions too xD