More please?

If there’s one thing I miss, it’s shopping for cute notebooks pens and cute whatever. I recently shopped online from ate gel’s shop again!

Yay Cute!

The caption reminds me of my domain once things have settled down I will put up something there for future use. Then wholely, this reminded me of my online gift shop. Hmm, I hope to finish it before school starts! Kiyaa! Anyway. I loved the little camera notebook and tne sticky notes! I miss buying these stuff, I’ll hang out Lianas one time, maybe they got cute stuffs as well however I think i already bought all of them lol!

OT: Yay 98th post!

Kawaii Addiction strikes again!

<3 kawaii goodness~~

Total cost – PHP 150 x)

I love the egg/chicken sharpener <33

I hope I can buy more. Gyahaha. Oh, and I already made a sketch/drawing of the new

layout for, however, I am out of time :( I committed myself to too many

job stuff. Writing, makes my head ache. But I got to do something to earn x))

See ya guys:D