A lover of jackets!

Are you a lover of jackets? Well, I am! Thing is, it’s my usual getup right now whenever I go to work. I’m not the dressy type as you all know :~3

Cute Rabbit Jacket from efashionlane :)

Cute Rabbit Jacket from efashionlane :)

My jackets are mostly plain though so I was thinking of buying another type. Maybe motorcycle jackets? They’re pretty cool and it makes you look like a hardy person (I mean to say, those who ride on Harley-Davidson Motors)

I also want cute one, striped ones – I haven’t gotten ones with such designs. Maybe I can get one on my payday, heehee. And some new clothes to pair them with <3

Cute Stuffs to look forward to!

On May 28th, I bought other goodies (as said from my post yesterday) and it was a portable external battery + another cute casing. I wish I could have bought more! Huhu, but I need to pay effin renewals and bills :/

Cute Stuffs <3

Cute Stuffs <3

I fell in love with the external battery because it was my favorite character Rilakkuma and besides, whenever I go out it would be really handy to have extra battery because when I’m bored I play with my iTouch. As for the casing I guess it’s partly the same reason, I also fell in love with my fancy hello kitty casing from before (yesterday’s post) which is almost the same design. I plan to buy the others he has in his store soon too, also the others I found locally (they’d arrive earlier!) Ahh, I’m so excited now *w*

Unplanned, love?


Cuteness <3

Weewoot! This is an unplanned post. I was just so overjoyed when I saw what I bought

from Knickknaxx! I thought they were but but no, they were ubber so small, so kawaii!

I wanted to post my sketch book as my first picture post, but who cares! Haha. This is so cute

really! I’m definitely going to buy more when I have enough money :3 I love it! You should check out

Ate Ava’s store, promise, you’ll drool over the cute things!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for what I bought @ BeadsandCrafts too :3

They sell cute goodies too. OHMY I’m getting addicted >__^