Cuteness Adventure


Another set of cuteness from Knickknaxx. I also sent Happii one Popobe Cell Charm. I also got another package from Tres EJ! I had a cute freebie from them as stated here! I’m just waiting for Monday to have Gcash for the stuff I still have to pay for @ Tres EJ, yeah! I saw one of their PsP sleeve were for sale, and that was the one I’ve been eyeing even before I didn’t have PsP! Haha plus a set of new headsets with round ear shingshing. I can’t wait <3 And then, this’ll be the last time. February will be the month of savings :) I want to buy that…so I will save!

Unplanned, love?


Cuteness <3

Weewoot! This is an unplanned post. I was just so overjoyed when I saw what I bought

from Knickknaxx! I thought they were but but no, they were ubber so small, so kawaii!

I wanted to post my sketch book as my first picture post, but who cares! Haha. This is so cute

really! I’m definitely going to buy more when I have enough money :3 I love it! You should check out

Ate Ava’s store, promise, you’ll drool over the cute things!!!!!!!

I can’t wait for what I bought @ BeadsandCrafts too :3

They sell cute goodies too. OHMY I’m getting addicted >__^