I am lazy


These last two days, I became lazy. Partly because I am enjoying the games in my iPod touch and I don’t know, I just don’t feel motivated. What more if I get my Nokia X5? Haha! Kidding. But anyway, I will be downloading songs for my iPod now and tomorrow when I wake up, I’ll be working on my assignment and stuff. I shall keep away from my iPod. I’ll just ask Christian to come over so he’ll use it instead lol but he’s got his mp5 too.¬†Look at my sticky notes.Haven’t done much lately lol! I feel so lazy and tired~

After a long time..

Hope :)

My desktop! Well, after months of not designing a decent desktop wallpaper, I decided to finish the star I drew days ago and tried experimenting with the shape tool (circles) and it turned out like this. I like it very much! And there’s a reason why I used the term “hope”. It’s because I was miserable one day, and then suddenly, something good happened. Leaves a proof that we should never give up, and that we should not forget that magic word God gave us…


A screenshot of my desktop right now. Super stacked with to-dos.



Look at the left side. Haha, so many things to do on Saturday T_T

Oh well, I hope I manage to do it! Too bad our tour was moved on Friday. It

was supposed to be my free day. Grrrr.. Just posted for the sake of posting!

Because I noticed I haven’t posted here for a long while..I think? Hehe :P