My new wallpaper after 2 months



I saw this cute picture from a fanpage I liked. Credits to them :) I really really love DOMO <3 I wish I had these two. I only have a domo bag. Aside from that, after seeing this I went to ebay and looked for anything with Domo. Then I saw a domokun headset and ordered :) I hope I’ll get it soon! Got it for only 4 Usd but it comes from China so compared to buying locally, it would take 15 days or more to arrive here D: D: Sob. But well, hope to hear from the seller :D:D I’m still waiting for my gorillapod. How many days til I get it, hmmm…

Hooray, a new layout :3

DOMOKUN! I was working on it yesterday, it popped out my mind when I was at the mall. I kinda missed DOMOKUN, I haven’t been buying DOMOKUN stuff.

I could have finished it earlier but my laptop was kinda crappy. The charger seems to be broken, thank God I was able to find a way to make it work for the mean time. Also, I noticed something. I CAN’T SEE COOKIESNCREAM IN MY OH-RAINBOW HOSTING WHM. And I really don’t know why. Hence it is hosted by me, but not listed as hosted by me. YEAH. WEIRD!!!!!! So, there you go. I hope it looks okay in your computers as it looks at mine. Hoooray DOMO!

*Note: I’m not claiming DOMO as mine and all copyrights belong to DOMO’s creator. You rock! Whoever you are.

And now I will rest :) I’ll make cookie emoticons next! But that’s soon. I’m too tired z_z

Got you now!

Konbanwa. Today my parents and I went to the mall and something great happened, we bought a Nokia X6!

Nokia X6!

I was so shocked while the saleslady and salesman were talking and it was on my hand. I was only imagining it last night, and I even thought of reading “The Secret” because it might help me a little (which I did) and then, boom!

Coincidence? IDK, but I know it happened because of my mom and dad and I thank them big time. I can’t buy it alone. When I asked mom if I can just pay through her she allowed me and then here it is! I’ll be paying some more in three months or so. I should be working really hard! And of course, study hard.

Thank you mom and dad, from the deepest part of my heart. I love you both.

Extra: I saw DOMOKUN.

What you `looking at dude?

Domokun is actually COMIC ALLEY's bodyguard LOLX!