My new wallpaper after 2 months



I saw this cute picture from a fanpage I liked. Credits to them :) I really really love DOMO <3 I wish I had these two. I only have a domo bag. Aside from that, after seeing this I went to ebay and looked for anything with Domo. Then I saw a domokun headset and ordered :) I hope I’ll get it soon! Got it for only 4 Usd but it comes from China so compared to buying locally, it would take 15 days or more to arrive here D: D: Sob. But well, hope to hear from the seller :D:D I’m still waiting for my gorillapod. How many days til I get it, hmmm…

Hooray, a new layout :3

DOMOKUN! I was working on it yesterday, it popped out my mind when I was at the mall. I kinda missed DOMOKUN, I haven’t been buying DOMOKUN stuff.

I could have finished it earlier but my laptop was kinda crappy. The charger seems to be broken, thank God I was able to find a way to make it work for the mean time. Also, I noticed something. I CAN’T SEE COOKIESNCREAM IN MY OH-RAINBOW HOSTING WHM. And I really don’t know why. Hence it is hosted by me, but not listed as hosted by me. YEAH. WEIRD!!!!!! So, there you go. I hope it looks okay in your computers as it looks at mine. Hoooray DOMO!

*Note: I’m not claiming DOMO as mine and all copyrights belong to DOMO’s creator. You rock! Whoever you are.

And now I will rest :) I’ll make cookie emoticons next! But that’s soon. I’m too tired z_z

Got you now!

Konbanwa. Today my parents and I went to the mall and something great happened, we bought a Nokia X6!

Nokia X6!

I was so shocked while the saleslady and salesman were talking and it was on my hand. I was only imagining it last night, and I even thought of reading “The Secret” because it might help me a little (which I did) and then, boom!

Coincidence? IDK, but I know it happened because of my mom and dad and I thank them big time. I can’t buy it alone. When I asked mom if I can just pay through her she allowed me and then here it is! I’ll be paying some more in three months or so. I should be working really hard! And of course, study hard.

Thank you mom and dad, from the deepest part of my heart. I love you both.

Extra: I saw DOMOKUN.

What you `looking at dude?

Domokun is actually COMIC ALLEY's bodyguard LOLX!



Toolazytoputwaturmark. Di ako adik kay DOMO ok? HINDI!

ang cute nia lang kasi talaga!!!!

ang cute nia lang kasi talga!!!x)

See? Haha, I finally found out where to buy domokun stuff! Hoorayy! But now I’m out of cash :P Pshh. At the first picture, my gift for my bestfriend Grace and my ‘nak Jean is included. Harrr. I wish I went over that shop first. Fail. Oh well, hey! Expect more hq pics. Finally got a camera!!!

The cammerraaaa!

TADAAAA!!! I want a project 365! But not in the mood. Tsk3. Will make a new post in LP.

This post is made especially for Jean. Haha look at the Domokuns!!!!