Kutusita Nyanko

Kutusita Nyanko by San-X

Kutusita Nyanko by San-X

Remember my post here and here? I finally have it! Apparently, the character in that iPod casing was called “Kutusita Nyanko” which was also created by San-X – explains why they pretty much look alike. It’s so cute! I got it last Monday, thanks to my grand ma who always picked up stuff from the custom’s office (they always held stuff coming from Korea, Hongkong and etc idk why)

Like Rilakkuma , Kutusita Nyanko possess the same cuteness only with a different color and specie – he is a black cat! Not sure if he is a he or she y’know. Anyway, I love it so much and plus it goes along with my Blackberry case, which is also black only it’s the usual bunny casing. So very hard to look for Blackberry 9790 cute casing yknow? I might even just make one myself, and maybe sell LOL.

Aside from it, grand ma, awhile ago, dropped by the custom’s office for my last expected package. Excited as I am, I’d have to wait til Saturday because she isn’t really feeling that well to drop by here. It’s okay, what matters is that it’s here! YAH! I also saw other Rilakkuma goodies for my iPod touch and some other fancy stuff but now I’m currently broke :-S So I’ll have to wait and save. Bah. From 13, my eBay watch list is now 53.

I need to lessen my domain madness

When you love domains...

I’m supposed to be sleeping already for our clearance tomorrow. But something just came up, I renewed Oh Rainbow Hosting (oh-rainbow.net) since I already renewed Loving Pink (ilove-pink.info), Angel Pen (angel-pen) and This Domain. I wonder if I can still renew my other domains, so I also made a list of the domains I’ll be renewing. Hohoho maaaaan, they’re a lot. I hope I manage to renew all of them -,- I haven’t been working on my latest job (for 2 months already lol I hope my employer won’t hate me) because it’s about funeral stuff which makes me ugh…idk you’d get me I guess! Plus I haven’t been blogging either, so I don’t get tasks often, in fact I blog once or thrice a month. I only blog often in this blog.

I hope my semestral break will be useful and productive. I haz to work on my websitez already, my domains go to waste :| MEEEEH.

So uhm, and I ordered 2 mp4 players in Ebay.PH. I hope I get it soon because I’m excited Hohohohoho. Talk about how careless I am with cash. I still have to save for a portable hard drive and original Windows 7 Ulitimate OS CD . But I also think having a new laptop when I go there won’t be so bad :| But my precious files!!!!!! T_______T

Oh well, so much for blabbing. And I have this friend…uhm, never mind.