Something New

Hooray! I’m turning eighteen this March 15, 2010 T____T and I can’t believe it! Haha. When I was a kid, I always told myself how long it took until this day, and now that I’m turing eighteen, you suddenly realize how quick life is :_:

Anyway, I haven’t posted pictures here. My phone is giving me crappy pictures unlike before :| I don’t know why though. Tsk, luckily, since I can’t afford myself a camera yet mom and dad is going to let me use our digicam which he bought in Thai…

Oh, and by the way, thanks to my loving grandma who bought me an oven!!!! Yiiheeeee!!! Remember how I posted the cutesy stuff here? I can now make `em!! I just tried doing so awhile ago i tried molding polymer clay. I was soooo happy when i found a store to buy it from @ Hypermart yesterday.. thank you Mom &&& DAAAD!!! :D Yeah. it’s a bit expensive, next time i might order online instead XD Hiyaaa.. okay, now here it is..dandandandandan!!!

Hehe it was so fun i didn’t notice the time <3 <3 haha but I got the others messed up, and mom too messed up. I mean it got messy so I just mixed the colors. HAHAHAH :)) this is so fun <3