I am lazy


These last two days, I became lazy. Partly because I am enjoying the games in my iPod touch and I don’t know, I just don’t feel motivated. What more if I get my Nokia X5? Haha! Kidding. But anyway, I will be downloading songs for my iPod now and tomorrow when I wake up, I’ll be working on my assignment and stuff. I shall keep away from my iPod. I’ll just ask Christian to come over so he’ll use it instead lol but he’s got his mp5 too. Look at my sticky notes.Haven’t done much lately lol! I feel so lazy and tired~

I want this laptop!

Acer Aspire TimelineX 4820TG-5462G64Mnks Core i5 w/ ATI HD5650 dedicated graphics, Extremely Light & Thin

I’m just short a few more $$$ that I hopefully get by the end of the month and if not, maybe mom can help me? LOLjk. But actually I can afford it indeed if I focus on my project + get my money soon from my sponsor lol. Sponsor! I wish I’ll have more of them. Meaning to say, I don’t think I’ll be buying a Nokia x5 now or iPod Touch, maybe within the following months! But who knows ;) I hope I’ll get this! *Me thinks I will indeed SOON!* It’s a need for me especially with work + school <3


A moment ago my website was downloading UUUBER slow, I’m thinking of using CloudFlare with this site. Maybe later, I wanted to post something titled “Busy Me” because right now, I am mad crazy because of the piled up things to do! Not to mention blogs to fix. Well, not really new I know! But it’s hard uck. Okay, I just wanted to tell you guys I’ll bump your websites later when I get time ~ as usual!

And I’ll be leaving you with this question – should I go for Nokia X5 or buy an iPod Touch 4th Gen or just keep it be able to buy a new laptop soon? Answers will be greatly appreciated, thank you!