Losing touch :(

Because of the so many domains, so many blogs to take care of – yet not proper ‘notice’ from the ‘sponsors’ lol, I am running out of blogging spirit. Not only that, I don’t know what to blog anymore and even so, I feel kind of tired of blogging.

I haven’t blogged on any of my blogs now, though I really want to because some other new domains and blogs of mine gained page rank. I also think about our school stuff and thinking about it just hurts lol.

Yet, I need to earn money, so I can save up for a laptop. My parents can’t support me on that :(

I want this laptop!

Acer Aspire TimelineX 4820TG-5462G64Mnks Core i5 w/ ATI HD5650 dedicated graphics, Extremely Light & Thin

I’m just short a few more $$$ that I hopefully get by the end of the month and if not, maybe mom can help me? LOLjk. But actually I can afford it indeed if I focus on my project + get my money soon from my sponsor lol. Sponsor! I wish I’ll have more of them. Meaning to say, I don’t think I’ll be buying a Nokia x5 now or iPod Touch, maybe within the following months! But who knows ;) I┬áhope I’ll get this! *Me thinks I will indeed SOON!* It’s a need for me especially with work + school <3

Hello Win 7

Hello Windows 7, Goodbye XP!

My laptop got wrecked last Friday because of some evil )!@*(&(! spyware from some website asking me to buy their rogue AV. It would indicated he’d freeze my computer and format it. It made me nuts (@_@) because I found a reformat for the laptop was the only solution! And I didn’t know how to do that YET. But my bestfriend Gracey gave me the courage to try :) So now, mom and dad instead of being so mad of me because they think a reformat from a tech would cost 5k O.o just bought a Win 7 cd because I said i’ll just reformat it on my own. So, thanks to my bestfriend!!!! Hoorayy!!! Goodbye pesky spyware! Farewell…XP :(