Lazy Girl!

I’ve been sleeping A LOT lately. Well, I need that sleep anyway right? But I wish I had time to maybe get one of those fitness training┬áto lose some heavy body content LOL! I have a video of the 30 day Shred which I did before, but I don’t feel like doing it again because it’s such a pain – but then again, it would help to fix my schedule instead of waking up in afternoons. I guess I should just enjoy for now, next week, no more fun days like this. I still need to work on Ate Lyzette’s layout too, I’m so bad for not moving on with the things I need to do :(


Layout done. Edited layout from I love this. So gray though. Haha. No, no pictures yet. Will officially post pictures later. and pages are all 404 Error pages. Just want to finish layouts first. Now now, 4 more layouts to go! Will also add plugins later.