Twister Fries

Some days ago, part of our monthsary celebration was to order something online and so boyfriend told me to order up what I want at Mcdo! Yay! It’s been awhile :)

Twister Fries

Twister Fries

Mcdo is pretty near my university back then so when we’re bored we buy Coke Float and then fries maybe. Their burger was my favorite as well, but I guess now I no longer want it that much (I got sick of it because of eating all the time hehe)

I must say their Twister Fries is not really that good (partly salty) but then again, Jollibee’s were the worst. Just saying!


I had to wait at Mcdo yesterday due to a mishap – which led me to eavesdropping. I know it’s pretty mean but well, I’m pretty bored waiting so you get the figure!

I heard them talking about a certain medicine, I heard them saying testoripped reviews and so I researched a bit about it. I’m pretty much confused about how it works and what it does but it seems convincing.

Well, medicines today are everywhere! Good thing they did provide a review and some info. It would help those curious people like me. Would you try this one?

Mcdo ♥

Nothing beats eating at Mcdo, eating McBurger Fries, and Blueberry Mcflurry – after a stressful day of coding here and there. I was literally singing Vanilla Twilight’s line “I haven’t slept in two days”

And we’re full!

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