Just a gift idea :)

My boyfriend isn’t really into music. But he does know how to play the guitar a little. He studied how to at the time he was courting me after he found out I was playing the guitar – that was way back high school days when playing guitar was really in.

I’m considering of getting a mxl 990¬†though because maybe it will make him love music more and learn more about it. I’ve always want to have a boyfriend who is in a band.

But nevertheless, I just want to give him something special! Now, what do you think?

Dance with the piano~

When I was a little girl, I admired big girls who played the piano. I thought I would be like them someday. But I didn’t have the chance. I focused on playing the guitar but my heart still tells me that playing the piano will really make me dance with joy. So, I told my mom about it. She’s thinking of getting me a beginners piano lessons. It will be great if this plan will finally come true. I’ve been wanting it all my life.