I want this laptop!

Acer Aspire TimelineX 4820TG-5462G64Mnks Core i5 w/ ATI HD5650 dedicated graphics, Extremely Light & Thin

I’m just short a few more $$$ that I hopefully get by the end of the month and if not, maybe mom can help me? LOLjk. But actually I can afford it indeed if I focus on my project + get my money soon from my sponsor lol. Sponsor! I wish I’ll have more of them. Meaning to say, I don’t think I’ll be buying a Nokia x5 now or iPod Touch, maybe within the following months! But who knows ;) I┬áhope I’ll get this! *Me thinks I will indeed SOON!* It’s a need for me especially with work + school <3


A moment ago my website was downloading UUUBER slow, I’m thinking of using CloudFlare with this site. Maybe later, I wanted to post something titled “Busy Me” because right now, I am mad crazy because of the piled up things to do! Not to mention blogs to fix. Well, not really new I know! But it’s hard uck. Okay, I just wanted to tell you guys I’ll bump your websites later when I get time ~ as usual!

And I’ll be leaving you with this question – should I go for Nokia X5 or buy an iPod Touch 4th Gen or just keep it be able to buy a new laptop soon? Answers will be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Ipod Touch or Nokia X5?

Up to now, I’m still confused between these two. I still don’t have the money but I really want Ipod Touch, at the same time, I want Nokia X5 :-S


I’ve been seeing cute Ipod accessories as well, which tempts me even more to buy iPod Touch than Nokia X5. It’s because, it’s like, it’s for a change. I’m always with Nokia and all and maybe it would be cool to have an iPod Touch instead. Right?

Anyway, thinking excites me even more. I wish I’ll get my shopping money soon!