Christmas Vacation!

My hosting website has been down for almost two days already thus, affecting all my websites.

Epic Fail

I didn’t have a backup of CookiesnCream out of all my websites (and also a website) I forgot to make one. Thus as you can see here, I have to start from scratch. From the deepest scratch.I still have my Domokun layout which I used before stored in my laptop but I’m planning to make a new laptop and just give that one for downloads/freebies.

I am very upset :| This is my photoblog and there were lots and lots of pictures. I wonder if I’ll still be able to retreive them, I wonder if our server will ever be back up. We were informed the owner left and is nowhere to be found. And you know what? That’s just SHIT.

I hope I’ll get backups for my clients, and for this site :( The stuff I posted here are pretty memorable to me that’s why I posted them in the first place. This was also the most active blog I had compared to others lately =(

When my hosting is back, I’ll just change the ns again. I need to do this one post right now. Chao :( Hoping for the best, that my Christmas vacation will still be great despite all the problems.

Hooray, a new layout :3

DOMOKUN! I was working on it yesterday, it popped out my mind when I was at the mall. I kinda missed DOMOKUN, I haven’t been buying DOMOKUN stuff.

I could have finished it earlier but my laptop was kinda crappy. The charger seems to be broken, thank God I was able to find a way to make it work for the mean time. Also, I noticed something. I CAN’T SEE COOKIESNCREAM IN MY OH-RAINBOW HOSTING WHM. And I really don’t know why. Hence it is hosted by me, but not listed as hosted by me. YEAH. WEIRD!!!!!! So, there you go. I hope it looks okay in your computers as it looks at mine. Hoooray DOMO!

*Note: I’m not claiming DOMO as mine and all copyrights belong to DOMO’s creator. You rock! Whoever you are.

And now I will rest :) I’ll make cookie emoticons next! But that’s soon. I’m too tired z_z