Let me do this again!


I was planning to use this humongous notebook as my planner back then. It already had “plans” eventually, I was not able to do them. LOL. But anyway I want to try again by using this little one so I won’t feel to pressured. However, most of the stuff I’ve written for later are online errands. I made a blogging schedule, since I have like 34 domains (most should have content of 3 months by now…) and excluding some free domains to that. I am really a domain lover but a lazy blogger! Heh :P

I will be blogging more often here for a whole month, because *inserts secret reason here* then blog on other 9 blogs every day. I computed that I should spend only 30 minutes per blog, so if I will it would only take me at least 4 to 5 hours. My problem is when I’ll be back to school which is in a month. /wrist I got to work on my essays too. Yay me~ haha.

Plans, plans, plans!

So, I haven’t updated again for a looong time. Because my laptop lcd broke, but I think I’ll be back again soon because mum will buy me a netbook/notebook (not sure though) and she also gave me this awhile ago before she slept.

Is this a planner?

I think I’m going to use it for all my online madness because everything’s going out of hand lately. Haha, I so love the way it looks <3 Thank you mom <3 Lalala. Can’t wait for later, why? Don’t ask lol <3 I missed photo blogging, I miss my Project 365. Haha. Someday I’ll start another.

How can the back crawl?