Mogu mogu in the morning!

For last week up to this Tuesday, Christian was the one who brought me to work because my mum was away with work errands. During those mornings I walked to work with him, I felt like a happy girl not only because I am with him but also because I got to try different flavors of Mogu mogu!


So, this is my desk and that’s my star pillow that I use when taking short naps during break time when I’m in zombie mode. And then, there’s my Rilakkuma bag. I don’t really have that much of stuff on my desk because I’d rather it was clean and organized or easy to clean.


Do you also like Mogu mogu? Next time, I’ll try to post a picture of all the flavors. Somebody took the bottles I kept on my desk when I got back to work after taking a vacation leave last Wednesday :( Oh well, just means I can get new Mogu mogus!

Cute Accessories

I notice that I haven’t shopped online for quite some time now – that’s rather an achievement of a sign that I’ve a dull life! Haha. I usually buy for cute things and accessories for my phones.

Last night however, I finally saw some cute accessories at Megamall Cyberzone’s Wellcom. Since I wasn’t successful in getting a new phone, I then bought a few for gifts and one for myself.

Oh Rilakkuma!

Oh Rilakkuma!

This is an earphone-winder, I thought of buying one because my headset is always a mess. I’m thinking of buying more because charger wires are everywhere in our room because of me as well!

Other than that, I also saw lanyard keychains which are pretty cool! I was planning to buy some for gifts too but I ended up buying just a few pluggers and this one above. I guess I’ll go for that next time!

From my uncle

A few days ago, me and my uncle accidentally saw each other. It was really silly because he didn’t recognize me. Why oh why? Haha.

Anyway he gave me a cute Rilakkuma mini notebook. He told me he suddenly remembered me when he saw it and he also had a burger treat for me (and softdrinks plus fare home)

Rilakkuma Notes for me!

Rilakkuma Notes for me!

It’s been another while since we saw each other and talked. And it was great because I also got to know what’s up with my aunt (his sister) as he’s been staying there for now. I hope he succeeds in his current plans :)