Saturday Plans

What does Saturday have for me? Hmm, I really can’t tell much since I don’t have my mighty EON Card with me anymore, oh I have it, at least – but it can’t be usable so hopefully I get to renew by Friday.

I want to do so many things all the time however, I feel like they’re not worth doing at all when you’re all alone anyway. Some of these are watching new movies, shopping, viewing glass showcase display for sale and the likes.

I guess up to now my Saturday plans aren’t even concrete but hopefully even without the bucks, it’ll be fun!

A different Saturday

Ate Lhyz, Clint and Mei

Ate Lhyz, Clint and Mei

Well, that Saturday wasn’t much different really since I do go out every Saturday with the boyf. But it was made more fun because I was able to meet up with blogger friends :)

I’ve been blogging for about 3 years formally, but I never really participated in meet-ups and such. Not that I don’t want to but in fact, I want to! Last year I was also able to meet up with Bebi Ayei. I wish I’ll meet the Bebigerls soon too :”> I miss these girls.

Moreover, I’d like to thank MeiAte Lhyz and Clint :P Sorry for making you wait as well >.< I still despise that Moshi Manjo sales lady :|

I wish I could post this on my main blog. Wherever it is. Meh. Haha.

How to Spend a Saturday!

Saturday, being the first week of the weekends should be spent in a right way. We spent ours last time by watching a good movie on my net book. Good thing we own an LCD tv. It makes watching more exciting! I’m really glad to find out what is hdmi and its functions. Most of all it’s great that dad bought one and had it home. With this we also are able to play Xbox in HD, not only do we watch movies but we can also play other types of video (such as Karaoke and the likes)

Now I always look forward to Saturday !