Sleepy head

Some few days ago, I was having a hard time with my sleep. I managed to learn how to wake up early – I don’t know if it was good because my back was always aching whenever I woke up early. I would sleep earlier as well though.

But again, my clock turned on rewind and now I sleep late again. Haha, and I know I will be doing this more often once I’m fully back to write more blog posts and work on our thesis :)

I need motivation, can you lend me some? I declare this will be my last day as a sleepy head. And so :)

Rainy days, hello :)

This morning it was declared that everyone within the vicinity of NCR will not have classes. Luckily, I was included. I slept late though due to waiting for announcements and also playing Bakery Story as usual. I should be working on our documentary or our thesis however, what I feel with blogging is the same with what I feel with our thesis. Which is a no-no.

I look outside and our window, needing better curtains or rather maybe a nicer rustic curtain. I wonder what I should do, I search for the right words, actions.

I really want to code but something at the back of my mind is pushing me away from inspiration so every hour I try to tell myself I will be inspired. In a little while, I hope it will work :)

Hi thur, thesis.

What makes me cr@zy

I’ve been working on it since this evening. Yeah, I woke really late because I was sick this morning til afternoon, I woke u 5 PM. LOL. Beat that.

I wonder if I’ll be able to do most of this alone, I miss that guy who’s beside me whenever I work on our school projects. Since, he’s currently sick with measles I can’t see him. I hope he’s health will be better really soon – as SOON because it makes me wonder if we’ll pass our thesis  A since, we still don’t know how he’ll be on Friday. I even believe we have exams on Thursday, and we already missed exams on Monday. Oh life, why so cruel?