Shopping time!

After payday, what comes next? Shopping time! Then again, I’m saving up rather than spending a lot this year (or so I hope). I’ve been told to look for trusty industrial pumps from this this website though – by a friend who’s going to start his own company. I just wow-ed at the thought he’s finally doing it!

I wonder when I’ll be able to get a company of my own, maybe in 10 years or so? haha. I wish!

Wonderful Ornaments at Home

I recently went on window shopping online for home utilities. That’s not so me isn’t it! But anyway, I saw really good finds and I wonder if it’s possible to have at home.

For one is this beautiful garden fountains online because they are very lovely! It feels like having a special part of your home that you can have peace at and relax. So much more if it was in a garden. Maybe I’ll just make this as plans for my future home.


It’s the start of the year, for sure, many of you are anticipating sale at malls and what. A friend of mine already told me about nfl shop coupons you can get your hands on! But what I want is some coupons for domains, bags, shoes, ahmmm, maybe gadgets lol.

I don’t have the shopping money though, in fact I’m kind of broke this start of the year as I haven’t really worked too much, I got too tired plus I’m not really inspired lately. But I am trying my very best! I want so many things ;)

I need to lessen my domain madness

When you love domains...

I’m supposed to be sleeping already for our clearance tomorrow. But something just came up, I renewed Oh Rainbow Hosting ( since I already renewed Loving Pink (, Angel Pen (angel-pen) and This Domain. I wonder if I can still renew my other domains, so I also made a list of the domains I’ll be renewing. Hohoho maaaaan, they’re a lot. I hope I manage to renew all of them -,- I haven’t been working on my latest job (for 2 months already lol I hope my employer won’t hate me) because it’s about funeral stuff which makes me ugh…idk you’d get me I guess! Plus I haven’t been blogging either, so I don’t get tasks often, in fact I blog once or thrice a month. I only blog often in this blog.

I hope my semestral break will be useful and productive. I haz to work on my websitez already, my domains go to waste :| MEEEEH.

So uhm, and I ordered 2 mp4 players in Ebay.PH. I hope I get it soon because I’m excited Hohohohoho. Talk about how careless I am with cash. I still have to save for a portable hard drive and original Windows 7 Ulitimate OS CD . But I also think having a new laptop when I go there won’t be so bad :| But my precious files!!!!!! T_______T

Oh well, so much for blabbing. And I have this friend…uhm, never mind.