No allowance, no money.

That’s what I don’t like with summer. Just like how I stated before. During these days, sure, you will have the freedom to wake up when you wanted and catch up with the lost sleeping hours but the downside is that you only get money when you work hard for it. And it would make you realize that instead of spending you cash over pretty things during school days, maybe it could have been better if you saved for summer outings and plans.

But it’s a good thing that if there are problems, there are solutions. During summer, a lot of people hire students for “summer jobs” and some also have summer classes which can light up your way to fast cash.  Later on, you will fret no more and find out summer is actually the best, just as long as there is will and perseverance you’ll find a way to make it fun!

It’s summer.

Summer means vacation, and it means no school days, which means “boo!”. Right? Ha-ha. I know, I know, it’s finally cool that we can rest our minds and get away from all the school stress but the trouble is that if there are no school days, we are obliged not to have allowance. Hence, there must be something to be done to earn money! But how?

Actually, there are lots of ways. My boyfriend, right now is having a summer job that our local city provides students who needs financial aid. Some of them I know, just joined for the sake of having cash, and some I know for tuition. Oh wells, me, I hunt for jobs online, and luckily I do find a lot! It just takes a lot of patience and hard work…but nothing compared to grown ups. However, they’re more lucky because they can get cash advance in cases that they need it urgently and badly!

Oh well, life is hard, but then it’s good every problem can be solved, as long as you don’t give up!