Halo halo, I want!

Halo halo halo!!!

Halo halo halo!!!

What could be more perfect on a very hot lazy day. HALO HALO! Weeee. But then again it’s too sweet. It would still be nice though, ice cream, leche flan, nata de coco and so many more.

In our country, during summer, people build up small stands and sell this because it really is a hit. If not, ice candies and then frostees. Talk about how hot summer is…literally.

I think I’ll ask Christian to buy me one on his way back here after buying meds for Twinkle. It would really cool up everything! It’s so hot.

credits: sanpablocity.com.ph

Summer’s best: Jack Fruit

Jack Fruit a.k.a Langka

Jack Fruit a.k.a Langka

Summer season means more Jack Fruit around! I don’t know if it’s just me and my family but whenever it’s summer time, in our reunions, there’s always this at the table. It’s one of my favorite because it’s really sweet and even the seeds can be eaten (if boiled, I believe). It goes along with yummy watermelon and strawberry – fruits of summer indeed! Even its candy versions are very delicious. There’s this candy I buy at the sari-sari store near our home back then. I didn’t get to have much last time we were at my relatives’ though. But maybe next time!

Is it goodbye to summer days?

Summer is so hot.

I believe every summer, it gets even hotter than the usual. Partly because of our Ozone Layer being more thin as ever, every New Year or so. Anyway, that picture above is my phone’s home screen and theme since March. I had it without any intention, I mean, I didn’t mean to use it but it was perfect for the wild summer heat that everyone hated, and some wanted. When I downloaded themes for my phone when I first got it, I downloaded over 200+ I think. I promised myself to change my theme every week and have some sort of mobile blog. Of course, that failed XD But then I still changed themes as often as I could, keep the ones I like and then delete the ones I used. Having lots eats up my phone’s memory, it’s 12G but I don’t really it uber slow you know. Anyway, I decided to change my theme last March and then after installing, deleted it. Then here!

If you’re curious where I got it, it’s from ownskin.com :) zedge.net also offer good themes but I’m more into cutesy theme so I guess you know why I have more of themes like that one above :P

Anyway, obviously the title says it’s goodbye to summer. Rainy days and stormy days have already started. I hope there won’t be hardcore storms anywhere in the Philippines though.