Mentos Rainbow

Once my teeth is back to normal I really want to have this because I have some but can’t eat it yet – I’m scared the pains will grow even more if I eat candies.

Mentos rainbow is LOOOVE :)

I’m still having lots of toothaches and then my gums still hurt a lot. Pity me, I don’t know the real reason behind this. I already got my teeth cleaned by the dentist but then it still hurts. I hope it’s going to be gone soon so I can do things properly. I always end up just wishing the pain will be gone than actually do something ;*(

Everything matters…

In life, everything matters. How you do things matter, how you dress up and act – people are judgmental. As small as your teeth they look at you at every detail. So just to make sure everything is safe you can get a guardian dental insurance. If you do, everything will be okay and you will have no worries in life and if there will be, chances are they can help you with that, in keeping your teeth as it is – since people really look at the outside.

Life is short, so while you can live it to the fullest. Do things you can to improve who you are.