God is good, all the time!

Okay please don’t hate me I want to blog. Don’t worry I will do my thesis documentation afterwards. But I just feel happy. I know I was really down awhile ago. Some person owes me about 2000 PHP of money and she haven’t paid for about 5 months (almost 6 months I think) – this made me feel bad all through out the day because she promised she’d be paying today finally. But then again she lied, I think. She claims she’s really going to pay tomorrow or Monday. It ticks me off. Plus, I’ve been sad lately because of some blog issues, but now it’s all okay!

If you’re reading this, just in case I want you to know how deeply I appreciate it. I don’t know if I would have as much as ‘tasks’ as the pros would but I will try my best, and to save, and save!

Well, I will get back to my thesis now. Of course, thank you God for all the blessings and the great things you have given to me. I know You have many more plans ahead!

Oh dear thesis.

So, I’m typing here instead of starting with our thesis’ documentation modifications XD. Yeah well, I wanted to blog. Plus my host is acting up so I needed to check out if it was okay. For some reason, every time I try to make a post, it ends up with an internal server or error in database connection. I hope it stops now and let me post pretty please?

When we talk about thesis’ it means lots of coding, not only coding but tons of typing for documentation – and all of those are equal to a very bad headache. I’m going to need something to get rid of my back pains too :( I get lots of them whenever I stay very long in front of my net book. Good thing there’s a massage therapy program online that my friend told me about. I find it really helpful and I know, computer geeks like me would too.

Anyway, you guys wish me luck for our thesis and stuffs. Hayy :|

Sleepy head

Some few days ago, I was having a hard time with my sleep. I managed to learn how to wake up early – I don’t know if it was good because my back was always aching whenever I woke up early. I would sleep earlier as well though.

But again, my clock turned on rewind and now I sleep late again. Haha, and I know I will be doing this more often once I’m fully back to write more blog posts and work on our thesis :)

I need motivation, can you lend me some? I declare this will be my last day as a sleepy head. And so :)