Christmas time soon!

Hohoho! Can you feel the Christmas air? Anyway, I’m thinking of making back posts but I’m also thinking I should just schedule them. I haven’t updated in over almost a month and I feel really bad, the pictures for this blog I wanted to use have stacked up so much it makes me lazy to post them already plus, I already forgot how I wanted to review them. Huhu.

Behold, our first ever Christmas tree at home of my 22 years living on Earth!

Behold, our first ever Christmas tree at home of my 22 years living on Earth!

This coming new year, I vow to never be lazy again when doing my food reviews and other blog thingies. Hopefully! It’s always hard because I always end up with lack of sleep.

So meanwhile, I’ve upgraded my WordPress and…I’ll be back again in a bit to schedule posts or back post! See ya around! Advanced Merry Days!

The Sooper Late Updates!

Huff. Been busy catching up with my ugly schedule for school. Imagine, we go home at 9pm, at all days except on Saturdays when our classes end at 7:30 PM (well, almost 8pm) and Sundays (the only day we don’t have classes)

It’s tiring, VERY tiring. Even though I could wake up in the afternoon. I lost my body clock organization again just when I had it fixed last semester break. Grrr. Oh well.

The updates!

On Nov. 6, I prepared a super mini birthday for Mr. Quail Egg

Christian turned NINETEEN, he is getting old. And we had a fun birthday bash for him :) Despite the arguments and the unplanned plan. Hoho.

I got happy hats from MustHaveOnline Items from Facebook, and I love them so muchhh!<3

I got them 100 PHP each, they usually cost more but there was a sale and luckily I have bucks $_$ OHH YEAH!


I'm making clay cuties again <3

This time, I think I’ll open my online shop seriously, I found cell charm lariats!:)

And there you have it<3